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My goal as an artist is to present alternative ways of viewing reality; by blending the past with the present, symbolizing the concept of time, dimensions and the space in between. Introverted by nature, art has become an effective way for me to communicate my interpretations of the world around me and encourages me to stretch my imagination in an effort to create pieces that are compelling and thought-provoking.


I find my inspiration in many forms; this includes dreams, places I've traveled, architecture and history. Before I begin working on a piece, I start with a feeling I want to convey and strive to create an image that takes the viewer to a mystical place. It is my hope to inspire feelings of wonder at the limitless possibilities we all posses within ourselves.


Using my experience as a graphic designer and amateur photographer, I begin to create surreal landscapes by layering and blending dozens of images that are meticulously chosen for their texture, color, and detail. Images are magnified and modified one pixel at time. Many days are spent selecting and editing each tiny element of the scene I am creating. Once this step is completed and printed, I then stretch the canvas and carefully paint fine details into the finished piece before sealing with resin or other textured mediums.


It is my goal to examine the relationship between time and space and the dimensions in which they exist. Most of my works are literal representations of how parts of our past or places we've been affect our current reality. They contain simple elements that serve as a reminder of where we are in our own personal journeys.













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